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“Very honest, very straightforward.”

- E4 Customer

“I don’t think I would be as efficient or profitable without E4 helping with data management and nutrient recs.”

- Kevin Mills

“I have been extremely pleased with E4 in getting my data and RX maps put together in a timely manner. Also, the ROI we review at the end of each season helps me keep on track to staying as profitable as possible. They are very cordial and timely in anything I ask them to do for our operation. Great partner in our operation.”

- Dennis Kenealy

“Very knowledgeable with precision ag and data-driven solutions.”

- E4 Customer

“E4 is a company that really does care about your operation and wants to find ways to help you improve. They are a great asset to us.”

- Kyle Schomers

“E4 has done a good job introducing us into precision farming, which has made our farming operation more efficient and profitable.”

- Brad Tremel

“I have been working with Greg Reisz and E4 for 20 years. We started out with soil sampling and have grown to a full range of services including data management, scouting and recommendations. Through it all, Greg has always been there personally for me and has helped me achieve my goals including productivity, profitability and environmental protection on my farm. In the 20 years we have worked together, we have greatly increased production all while being more efficient and environmentally responsible.”

- Jeff Buman

“E4, Greg and the team do an amazing job. The software they have makes everything extremely easy for all my customers. If there is a question the communication is great. Thanks to E4 for how they enhance my business.”

- Jeremy McMinemee

“Everybody I’ve worked with at E4 has been very professional and very knowledgeable. They always have an answer for my question or are willing to do what they need to find a solution to the problem.”

- Eric Clark

“E4 Crop Intelligence is a local company with a staff that can help you at a moment’s notice at the busy time of the season.”

- Phil Croghan

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