Keep Detailed Tabs On Your Field

The E4 Field Notes software module is typically used in conjunction with the E4 Field Notes service. Still, it can also be used by customers who contract with other organizations for field inspections or do inspections themselves.

The E4 Field Notes module provides an easy-to-use framework for recording a wide variety of field observations—invasive grasses, insects, diseases, weather damage, crop deficiencies, and more. Apples-to-apples comparisons of observations made over multiple trips to a field (e.g., pre- and post-pesticide application) allow customers to clearly and precisely measure the advancement or suppression of problems. Photos and audio recordings can also be uploaded and made part of the inspection record.

All functionality is designed for efficient use on portable computers and touch-based tablets so that customers can record observations directly at the time of inspection.

How It Works

  • Customers contracting with E4 can work-order field inspections via the E4 Crop Intelligence system. Alternatively, growers can contract with other inspectors or do the inspections themselves.
  • Observations can be entered directly into the software module on a portable computer or tablet. Alternatively, inspectors can keep notes and record their observations later. Photos and audio recordings may also be uploaded and made part of the inspection record.
  • Inspectors don’t have to start every inspection record from scratch. Observations made previously in the same field or other fields can be duplicated, then modified (this is incredibly convenient when an inspector observes two adjacent fields with many of the same issues).
  • Once field observations have been recorded, the system automatically alerts growers of pressing issues—insect infestations, spreading diseases, etc.
  • All observation data is stored securely in the Data Bank module, retrievable by

Key Features & Benefits

Proven Methodology: E4’s expertise and experience with crop inspection is reflected in the design of the E4 Field Notes module. When observations are properly and consistently recorded with the right amount of detail and documentation, growers can make informed decisions, take action, and spend resources wisely.

Visual Representations: The E4 Field Notes module allows customers to locate their observations visually on a digital field map and to supplement written observations with photos. This makes for a complete inspection record so that the system can report precisely what remarks were made and where weeks, months, or even years later.

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