Soil & Plant Tissue Testing

Soil and plant tissue testing are vital components of E4 ag consulting services. Soil sampling and plant tissue testing bring value to growers across the country through data analysis and actionable insights that improve your farming practices. By combining these plant and soil testing services for farms and other operations, we track the transition of nutrients from the ground to the plant, letting farmers see what’s working and what’s not—helping you make informed managerial decisions with prescriptions tailored to the needs of your fields. As an independent Midwest soil sampling and plant tissue testing agronomy firm, we have your operation’s interests in mind.

Soil Sampling

What we do for our clients includes a very in-depth and meticulous approach to soil sampling that starts with taking soil core samples in an organized way where each core is deposited in a bag with a unique sample ID that coincides with specific GPS coordinates where an E4 agronomist took the sample. By conducting grid sampling multiple times in precise areas of the field, we can help the grower determine where nutrients need to be optimized. These samples are sent to labs approved by E4.

Instead of just getting a soil sample report, we integrate the data from the soil samples with our E4 Crop Intelligence software. Once the soil samples are processed at the sanctioned labs, those results are fed directly back to the E4 Agronomic Testing software module.

Then, based on the lab results, a fertilizer prescription is automatically generated and is accessible to customers utilizing E4’s Fertilizer Prescription service. The Fertility Rx software module can generate blanket and variable rate application cards and maps for your farms. The soil testing data is then stored in the E4 Data Bank software feature for future reference, enabling year-over-year comparative analysis for the future.

Plant Tissue Testing

Our team will collect plant tissue samples to help see how your crops are performing at each specific crop stage. These tissue samples are submitted to approved labs for analysis. We compare the data gathered to the fertility plan that was used and establish the effectiveness of fertilizer applications and evaluate the nutrient levels in the crops. With this in-depth testing, we help your decision-making on whether the nutrient plan needs to be amended or make other changes to improve crop health.

E4 Crop Intelligence offers expert soil sampling and plant tissue testing services