The expert team at E4 Crop Intelligence offers a variety of agronomy services to help you better understand the needs of your field and increase your yield. From soil testing to farm management and everything in between, we tailor all of our services to you and your operation’s needs. E4 offers several ag consulting services and packages, with service levels designed to satisfy your operational needs. Learn more about the agronomy services we offer that can help you manage risks and elevate your ROI.

E4 Crop Intelligence agronomy services range from soil testing to farm management

Soil & Plant Tissue Testing

Soil and plant tissue testing are vital components of E4 ag consulting services. Soil sampling and plant tissue testing bring value to growers across the country through data analysis and actionable insights that improve your farming practices. By combining these plant and soil testing services for farms and other operations, we track the transition of nutrients from the ground to the plant, letting farmers see what’s working and what’s not— helping you make informed managerial decisions with prescriptions tailored to the needs of your fields. As an independent Midwest agronomy firm, we have your operation’s interests in mind. Click here to learn more about Soil & Plant Tissue Testing

Precision Equipment

Our team has worked with precision agriculture equipment for more than 20 years, giving us the expertise to help you find the right equipment for your operation. Click here to learn more about Precision Equipment

Crop Services

With years of agronomy experience, a variety of clients from across the United States, and a team of agriculture experts, E4 is ready to help you improve your operation and maximize yield with our crop services. We provide unbiased and independent crop consulting services such as crop scouting, fertilizer prescriptions, seed prescriptions, and yield analytics. Click here to learn more about Crop Services

Crop Insurance

We want growers and farm managers to understand what they are buying and why they are buying it - crop insurance is a tool that helps you manage your yield and price risks. Click here to learn more about Crop Insurance

Farm Management

Farming is a business that requires planning and budgeting. Our farm management services help you make smart, informed business decisions for your operation. Click here to learn more about Farm Management

E4 Software

Farm data management is no easy task, but E4 Crop Consulting Software is on your side. From individual growers to farm managers and large retailers, our proprietary software equips you with the tools needed to increase your operation’s efficiency and profitability. Click here to learn more about E4 Software