Iowa-Based Precision Ag and Crop Consulting

U.S. agriculture has entered the age of big data—and E4 Crop Intelligence is here to help your operation make the most of it. Growers can now collect large volumes of data, but farmers, retailers, and farm managers face the challenge of turning this data into a plan of action.

E4’s expert staff of certified crop advisors and innovative software bring you the tools and expertise you need to optimize yields in your field. We’ll use your data (compiled from soil tests, field scouting, and other methods) to formulate customized crop plans. With our advisors’ reliable guidance and our easy-to-use software, you’ll get the most out of your field and crop data—and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Learn how E4’s independent crop consulting expertise will help you maximize your yield.

Greg is giving advice on crops

Greg’s Intel

E4 founder and president, Greg Reisz, has decades of working, professional, and educational experience in agriculture and agronomy. To help others make informed decisions for their operations, E4 brings some of Reisz’s insights to you here on Greg’s Intel. Everything from soil temperature, test plot findings, precision equipment recommendations, and more will be discussed here.

Seeds For Success

The agricultural landscape is constantly changing. Keep up with the latest tips and expert advice to stay current on the best ways to grow your crops and operation. Plant for success, and follow us as we highlight tips from tillage practices, moisture levels, nutrients, pH levels, and more!

Case Studies

Case Studies

We have conducted case studies on E4 customer farming operations that show the success of our products and services. These case studies provided valuable data on a variety of fields in different locations throughout the United States.

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