E4 Edge: Top Four Pieces of Ag Tech To Consider For Your Operation

Agriculture has advanced considerably in the last two decades and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. We know growers continue to search for ways to make more informed decisions, increase their yields, and operate more efficiently. The E4 team has put together our top five ag technology pieces that can help growers achieve their goals.

1. Yield Monitors

This particular technology has been around for some time, but manufacturers are always improving and devising new measuring and mapping techniques. Today’s yield monitors can paint a more clear picture of what all of the data means. Some new systems now use infrared sensors to determine the amount of sugar, starch, crude protein, and dry matter in actual yield tonnage during harvest. When planting, these sensors can show organic matter and soil temperature. All of this data is processed and displayed with better visuals with more dynamic mapping overlays.

2. Auto-Steer and GPS

Big advances in auto-steer and GPS systems have expanded the capabilities and tasks that tractors can perform without human input. This level of guidance has allowed growers to focus on other important aspects of planting and harvesting while also reducing operator fatigue, reducing overlap, and maximizing inputs.

While auto-steer and GPS tech can be found on many new pieces of machinery, there has been a barrier for farmers using this equipment on older model tractors. Some major manufacturers have developed steering kits that work with the same capabilities as factory-installed systems. This tech opens up the opportunity for growers to expand the amount of machinery they have that can utilize GPS technology.

3. Variable-Rate Seeding

Variable-rate seeding (VRS) is a fantastic technology that helps eliminate overplanting and saves on seed inputs while decreasing overpopulation in previously overlapped areas. VRS optimization is utilized to improve yield performance in your fields, rather than using static rates. This type of seeding helps lower costs and ensures your investment has the best chance to produce the desired yields.

This tech takes into account historical yield data, soil type, and more. Today’s systems can change seeding rates while on the move. Different VRS strategies can be used for various crops. This is one option that growers can consider to make sure every seed counts.

4. E4 Crop Intelligence Software Platform

With E4’s effective Farm Management Software, growers can efficiently manage their operations. To accomplish that, the software incorporates a wide range of tools. By uploading their operation information (raw data, historical data, budgets, scale tickets, etc.), growers can generate customized crop plans, share field notes, and other reports.

Ensuring This Tech Works For You: E4 Equipment Sales & Service

E4 Crop Intelligence has been in the precision equipment business for more than twenty years, offering sales, support, and installation. Whichever company or product you’re using, E4 technicians can help you find results.

When you need precision ag support in the field, E4 will be there to help. The company has completed over 250 installs and serviced over 400 systems, impacting more than $25 million worth of equipment.

For more information about how you can improve your operations with the latest technology, visit www.e4cropintelligence.com.