The E4 Approach

E4’s vision is to be the most innovative agricultural service business in the world through the integration and implementation of superior technologies.

To that end, E4 Crop Intelligence has been designed to address several key requirements missing in most platforms.

An Integrated Precision Ag System That Works

The E4 approach integrates precision ag services, hardware, and software into a system that works. “For this to work, you need to do a lot of up-front lifting,” Reisz explains. “Somebody—the grower, the consultant or one of our staff—needs to set up the digital boundaries of each and every field. It’s critical you get that right.”

Next, the E4 staff gathers information needed to ensure hardware and software systems are compatible. This involves details like determining plant and yield monitor versions.

Another key development is moving the software from the desktop computer and onto the “cloud.” Benefits for users include:

  • No need to buy, install or maintain software/databases at home.
  • Connectivity with other suppliers through a common web browser.
  • Faster access to data.

Built By and For Agronomists/Crop Consultants

E4 software development is lead by precision ag experts who understand technical agriculture and how sophisticated crop consulting has become. The system has important built-in content like key hybrid and variety data, major crop chemical descriptions, plus built-in algorithms to estimate fertilizer needs, soil type maps, and more.

Easy-to-Use Precision Ag System

All precision ag software platforms require training. But E4 sought to simplify learning the platform through the use of modules. While the platform is very powerful, the majority of reports and activities are common. The module design allows people to quickly find and use the functionality they need most.

Cloud-based Field and Crop Data

Improvements in GPS, cell phone coverage, and bandwidth plus sensors have created the potential to collect and share enormous volumes of data. To provide shared access, bandwidth, security, and speed, Reisz opted to move the entire software platform onto the “cloud.” The benefits for users are many: no need to buy, install, and maintain software and databases at home; connectivity with other suppliers through a common web browser, faster access speeds to data.

Growers Own Their Crop Data

As the depth and breadth of precision ag data grow, clients will see new opportunities to gain competitive advantages. That’s why E4’s policy allows individual farmers/data owners to download and take their data anytime they wish.