Leverage Visual Field Data

The E4 Map Viewer software module allows customers to analyze field data visually and interactively. Customers can see nutrient-specific distributions (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, etc.), seed placements, yield variations, and more on full-color, easy-to-read maps. The Map Viewer integrates Google Maps functionality, so users can zoom and pan and switch map views using intuitive, familiar controls. Most importantly, maps can be compared side-by-side, with consistent scaling, so customers can readily see the relationships between inputs and outputs, actions, and results.

There is no charge for using the E4 Map Viewer module. It is made available to customers using E4’s other software modules or services.

How It Works

  • If field parameters are not already in the system, customers configure them using the E4 Gateway module. If production history data is available, it too, is normalized and uploaded to the system.
  • Interactive maps based on available data can be generated on demand. Full-featured controls allow customers to zoom, pan, and alternate map types.
  • Customers can print and email maps for offline viewing.

Key Features & Benefits

Maps of All Kinds: Virtually any field data with associated GPS coordinates can be mapped. So the more data you collect in the E4 Crop Intelligence system, the more maps you’ll have at your disposal. Standard maps show field boundaries, sampling locations, seed placement, yield, soil and plant tissue chemistry, variable-rate nutrient applications, and more.

Industry-Leading Functionality: The interactive maps in E4 Crop Intelligence are powered by Google, the industry leader in web mapping services. Google maps set the standard for highly functional, intuitive features and controls.

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Farmers can visualize and analyze field data in an interactive software platform.