E4 Crop Consulting Process

With years of industry experience and a staff of agriculture experts, E4 Crop Intelligence is able to offer a range of services that will help you improve your operation and maximize yields. From customized fertilizer prescriptions to in-depth yield analytics, we’re with you every step of the way. Whether you’re an individual grower, co-op, large retailer, or farm manager, E4 works for you, delivering prescriptions and solutions tailored to your operation — down to the field level. Our wide network of crop intelligence services includes:

  • Data Collection: Data is collected from your field, including soil type, fertility, yield, and more. We break our data down into the coordinates of individual fields, bringing information to farmers the way they use it.
  • Information Processing: E4’s system can import data and information from other sources (soil type maps, Google maps, weather), combining it with the collected data to further optimize your crop plan.
  • Crop Intelligence: Using our innovative software and trained experts, we analyze the relevant data to bring you insights on underlying issues, yield drivers, and issues to anticipate and avoid in your field. This data-based field insight combines with our firsthand farming knowledge to form our trademark “crop intelligence.”

As the volume of data builds, growers (and their consultants and vendors who have system access) start to recognize the underlying reasons for variations in crop performance. The E4 system makes it easier to understand patterns that can then guide farm management decisions. We call this ability to recognize the underlying issues and anticipate ways to capitalize on those insights “crop intelligence.”

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