E4 Crop Intelligence is seeking retailers, crop consultants and ag input, service and/or equipment companies interested in partnering with us. Our system is designed to offer various levels of precision ag service and software support.


Ag retailers recognize the trend toward precision agriculture and how information—data—is used to position and sell products. The E4 Crop Intelligence platform is a great “plug-and-play” way to introduce precision ag support to clients and drive increased profit potential.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Builds “sticky” relationships with clients
  • Gathers data that helps position products
  • Leverages the skills of local agronomists
  • Improves internal efficiencies (e.g. batching fertilizer needs)
  • Establishes a precision ag profit center
  • Documents activities
  • Improves communication with growers and staff

Independent Crop Consultants

The limiting factor for consultants is often the effort involved to capture, store, analyze, and communicate information back to farmer clients. E4 Crop Intelligence integrates all the main precision ag processes—soil & tissue sampling, field location/mapping, weather integration, crop planning & budgeting, analytics, and more. This integration enables consultants to oversee more acres, more efficiently, while offering better information.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Can manage more acres with better results
  • Provides clients with deeper information
  • Gets clients engaged in precision ag
  • Simplifies data collection and storage
  • Reduces chances for errors
  • Improved communication
  • Improved documentation (rates, products)

Ag Input and Equipment Companies

The modular design of E4 Crop Intelligence enables various industries involved in agriculture to license individual components that support their needs.

For example, farm equipment companies are using the E4 platform to organize client entry into precision ag support. The collection and analysis of data ensure clients are getting full returns on their precision ag equipment investments.

Fertilizer sales and application firms are using E4’s platform, too. The Agronomic Testing software module helps mechanize the sampling process and the organization of results. The Crop Planning software module can then help prepare fertilizer plans and budgets—down to variable-rate instructions for the applicator.

Several seed brands have engaged E4 to help structure and support the collection of new hybrid and variety performance information.