Crop Insurance

At E4, we recognize that not everyone has the same needs for their farming operations. We develop individual crop insurance plans for you using software that shows different “what-if” scenarios based on the plan selected and the input costs provided. Crop insurance is a tool that helps you manage your yield and price risks—that’s why we believe it is vital for growers and farm managers to understand what they are buying and why they’re buying it.

Crop insurance clients who also utilize our services only need to provide 578s once (unless they add more land). After that, we use the data we already have in our system. Another E4 difference is that we report acreage based on RTK acres (or as-planted data), but we verify based on FSA acres. Typically, this means lower insurance premiums for our customers—and your farm program acres will stay constant based on your FSA certification.

E4’s Crop Insurance Edge

Farmers who are signed up for our Field Scouting program have the added benefit that we are in their fields, keeping tabs on their crops. A few years ago, an E4 scout reported hail damage in a farmer’s field. Since the crop insurance policy was at E4, the agent was able to file the claim on behalf of the grower. The farmer got a check for the damage without even having to lift a finger—proving that our boots on the ground bring you peace of mind.