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Being an independent crop consulting firm means we do not sell inputs like seed and fertilizer. We genuinely focus on your operation's needs by collecting data from your field, helping you process that data, and providing expert insight that enables you to make the best data-driven decision possible for your farm. Learn more about out crop consulting process by clicking here

Soil sampling test reports identify metrics on the condition of each essential micronutrient. This data, along with additional plant tissue analytics, help piece together a picture of possible nutrient deficiencies.

By properly interpreting the reports, growers can hone in on their field needs and be more diligent on fertilizer application decisions. In the end, soil sampling assists growers with managing nutrients, variable costs, and reaching ideal yield goals.Explore the topic of soil sampling in depth by clicking here

E4 Crop Intelligence has been in the precision equipment business since 1999. Being an independent company, E4 can fulfill your need for precision ag support in the field and provide installation and service for your precision equipment system. See how we can help you with precision ag services by clicking here

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