Seed Perscription Down To A Science

Growers know high crop yields depend on good seed selection and proper placement. E4’s Seed Rx software module—offered free of charge to customers using our Seed Prescription service—makes it easy to design a precision planting strategy that considers prior-year planting zones, soil type, field slope, crop suitability rating, and other vital parameters.

How It Works

  • If field parameters are not already in the system, customers configure them using the E4 Gateway module. If production history data is available, it too, is normalized and uploaded to the system.
  • Customers create as many proposed seed prescriptions per field as they see fit. Proposals can be started with no more than a blank field boundary or with boundaries initially defined by relevant field parameters (soil type, field slope, crop suitability rating, etc.).
  • The on-screen visual zone editor makes it easy to create, modify, and merge zones, including omission test blocks. With easy-to-read reports, customers can compare multiple proposed seed prescriptions for cost-effectiveness.
  • For each field, customers select one proposed seed prescription to be the basis of the formal seed recommendation. Built-in system checks ensure only one recommendation per field per crop year.
  • Blanket and variable rate planting cards and maps can be generated.
  • Data is saved in the E4 Data Bank module for future reference.

Key Features & Benefits

Brands You Prefer: Our system already has company-supplied positioning information for most seed brands. You can easily configure E4 Crop Intelligence to formulate prescriptions for only the brands, hybrids, and varieties you prefer.

Field-Specific And Farmer-Specific Variables: Seed companies offer up their positioning information, and we take it into account. But our system also factors in field-specific and farmer-specific variables such as soil type, fertility, budget restrictions, harvest scheduling, and more.

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Seed Rx makes designing a precision planting strategy easy for farmers.