History of E4 Crop Intelligence

E4 Crop Intelligence traces its roots to the hills and valleys of western Iowa.

In 1999, Greg Reisz, a native of Woodbine, Iowa, had an agronomy degree and several years of experience working in what was then the new field of precision agriculture. The entrepreneurial-minded man decided to return home and open his own firm—which was initially called E4 Sons. The initial focus of the company was soil sampling. 

“My customers always appreciated having me walk their fields to provide scouting reports or collect soil samples for testing,” said Reisz, “but they needed more in terms of getting the most out of their data.” 

In the early years, he started using software from various vendors to generate soil sampling maps and fertility recommendations for his clients. However, he found that using different software systems frequently produced data that was incompatible with other systems, and therefore clouded the process.

Company Evolution

With his clients demanding more technology-supported services, Reisz developed his own proprietary software to create better workflow and analytics, which improved the decision-making process by using real data. E4 Sons were renamed E4 Crop Intelligence to better describe the business, which had quickly evolved into a full-service precision with our own software platform. “I could see that connectivity between data, equipment, and various partners involved in agriculture was becoming more important. So, we tried to address those ideas.”— Greg Reisz, owner

Today, E4 delivers unbiased, independent crop plans to growers all across the midwestern United States. We review, sort, and clean historical data to aid our clients in fact-based decision making. Clients define their budgets and risk levels, and our experts write fertilizer and seeding prescriptions tailored to their operations. We also offer risk management services, including crop insurance.

E4 also provides soil testing and plant tissue testing to customers nationwide and boots-on-the-ground services like crop scouting and scheduling aerial applications. We can also help enhance your precision equipment by offering sales and support to help you take advantage of the latest technology.

E4 also works behind the scenes with many co-ops and retail locations, providing software and services to help those businesses and their customers get the most out of their operations.