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How to Start Using the E4 Vision App

In the palm of your hands, the E4 Vision App is the perfect resource to help ensure you always have access to the latest data about your operation. If you need to coordinate with other parties, such as contractors, you can email out reports and data so they can stay informed as well.

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Navigating Growing Season Challenges

The growing season is a critical period for farmers, fraught with numerous challenges that can make or break their yield. From soil health to unpredictable weather, growers must constantly innovate and adapt to ensure a successful harvest. The following article explores the toughest challenges farmers face during the growing season and provides expert insights from the E4 Crop Intelligence team, on how growers can overcome these obstacles.

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E4 Insights | June 25, 2024

Nutrients Cheat Sheet for Healthy Soil

Farmers know that soil is one of the most important (if not the most important) materials on Earth. Without healthy soil, and the essential nutrients needed to support it, yields can quickly fall short of expectations. The following article highlights the key ingredients of soil and their role in agriculture.

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E4 News | April 11, 2024

25 years of Expertise.

Since our establishment in 1999, E4 has strived and succeeded to be one of the region’s leading agronomy services providers, bringing our customers the expertise they need for a successful farming operation. 2024 marks our 25th anniversary, and as the years continue, so does our commitment to the agricultural innovation you’ve come to expect from E4 Crop Intelligence.

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Boots on the ground

We aren't afraid of a little dirt. Our approach as an independent and unbiased crop consulting services, from soil sampling to yield analytics, means that we make regular field visits to address problems, spot trends, and bring you results.

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Tried-AND-Tested Results.

By combining plant and soil testing services, we track the transition of nutrients from the ground to the plant, letting farmers see what’s working and what’s not.

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“I have been extremely pleased with E4 in getting my data and RX maps put together in a timely manner. Also, the ROI we review at the end of each season helps me keep on track to staying as profitable as possible. They are very cordial and timely in anything I ask them to do for our operation. Great partner in our operation.”

- Dennis Kenealy

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