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How to Start Using the E4 Vision App

In the palm of your hands, the E4 Vision App is the perfect resource to help ensure you always have access to the latest data about your operation. If you need to coordinate with other parties, such as contractors, you can email out reports and data so they can stay informed as well.

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Soil Sampling and Exclusive Technology Help Keep Growers’ Costs Lower

Farmers are always looking at their bottom line – and rightfully so. Prices are fluctuating which drives growers, landowners, and land managers to find the best solutions to provide the

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E4 News | August 16, 2023

Crop Consulting Benefits: The Importance of Tailoring Agronomy Services Specific to Your Fields

Ask any grower and they will tell you – not all fields are created equal, and there is no ‘easy button’ when it comes to agriculture. Staying informed of potential

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E4 News | June 11, 2023

Celebrating 20 Years of Ag Business & Expertise!

E4 Crop Intelligence’s anniversary in 2019 marked just how much this company has evolved in the ever-changing landscape of ag data, agronomy, and precision agriculture. E4 continues to make a commitment of agricultural innovation in the pursuit of helping growers thrive.

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Boots on the ground

We aren't afraid of a little dirt. Our approach as an independent and unbiased crop consulting services, from soil sampling to yield analytics, means that we make regular field visits to address problems, spot trends, and bring you results.

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Tried-AND-Tested Results.

By combining plant and soil testing services, we track the transition of nutrients from the ground to the plant, letting farmers see what’s working and what’s not.

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