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E4 Crop Intelligence Frost Study

Our team of experts conducted a frost study on a client’s cornfield in 2020 and tested the results of a Properly Emerged Plant, Frost Damaged Plant, and a Late to Emerge Plant. The three categories of plants were flagged early in the season; we then returned to that location to harvest the flagged corn. After examination and further testing, the yield results differed from what was expected initially. Watch the video to see how frost affected yields in our study!

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Facing A Late or Delayed Planting Situation? Growers Have Options.

When faced with less than ideal planting conditions in spring, growers can be delayed getting their seed in the ground. As planting gets delayed, producers are left with trying to answer a difficult question: do I attempt to plant or not? While it seems like a yes-or-no question, growers do have options available before making

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Greg's Intel | March 29, 2021

The Value of Even Corn Emergence

When spring rolls around and the conditions appear promising for planting, it is tempting to get out in the field as soon as possible to get the crop in. However, when caution is thrown to the wind, it can significantly impact how well your stands perform. Ultimately, poor crop stands lead to lower yields. To

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Case Study | March 29, 2021

Celebrating 20 Years of Business & Expertise!

This anniversary marks just how much this company has evolved in the ever-changing landscape of precision agriculture. E4 continues to make a commitment of innovation in the pursuit of helping growers thrive.

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