Gateway Software Module 

As the name suggests, the E4 Gateway software module serves as a point of entry. It enables customers to profile their operations using precise spatial boundaries for each of their fields. Those boundaries form the basis for collecting data—planned and actual applications, agronomic testing and yield data, etc.—which can then be aggregated by farm and by grower.

Additionally, the E4 Gateway module allows customers to create user networks, giving system access to employees, vendors, lenders, landlords, and anyone else with whom they wish to share data. Customers create accounts for other uses, select which types of data and information to make available, and set preferred modes of communication (email vs. text, alerts on the homepage, etc.).

There is no charge for using the E4 Gateway module. It is made available to customers using any of E4’s other software modules or services.

How It Works

  • E4 Crop Intelligence is a cloud-based system, so no software installation is required. Customers simply navigate to the site using a web browser and log in with the password they’ve been provided.
  • Customers profile the growers, farms, and fields in the system. This is a simple matter of filling out short forms with the requisite data, uploading GPS-based field coordinates if available, or alternatively, using pre-existing FSA boundaries.
  • Assuming they’ve been granted the permissions to do so, customers can set up additional user accounts for other people—employees, vendors, lenders, landlords, and others—with whom they plan to communicate via E4 Crop Intelligence. Customers can control who has access to what, and what types of communications should be enabled for each user.

Key Features & Benefits

GPS vs. FSA: If no GPS-based boundary coordinates are available for a field, its boundaries can be defined using Farm Service Administration (FSA) data, which is available for all fields in the country. If and when GPS field coordinates are acquired, they can easily replace the FSA data to define the field boundaries.

Limitless User Accounts: User management is handled via the E4 Gateway module. Customers can create as many user accounts as they need for others involved in their farming operations. They can control who gets access to what, and what capabilities each user has in the system.