Make The Most Informed Input Decisions

Regarding fertility variations within and across fields, the first step is understanding your fields’ needs. E4’s Sampling and Testing services, combined with our Agronomic Testing module, can provide great insights into field fertility conditions.

But then what? Formulating an optimal fertility prescription should consider more than primary sampling data. E4’s Fertility Rx software module (offered free of charge to customers of our Fertilizer Prescription service) factors together multiple metrics such as soil and plant tissue chemistry, yield history, crop rotation, production goals, and input budget to formulate a comprehensive prescription tailored to your operation.

How It Works

  • If field parameters are not already in the system, customers configure them using the E4 Gateway module. If production history data is available, it’s also normalized and uploaded to the system.
  • Customers can supply other relevant metrics and thresholds, such as yield goals and input budgets.
  • The E4 Fertility Rx module formulates a nutrient prescription using proprietary algorithms. The system allows users to adjust various parameters to see the effects on performance and cost.
  • Blanket and variable rate application cards and maps can be generated.
  • Data is saved in the E4 Data Bank module for future reference.

Key Features & Benefits

Budget-Conscious Calculations: Our algorithms account for how much growers are willing to spend on nutrient inputs, formulating prescriptions to maximize yields without exceeding budget constraints.

Flexible Inputs: If you’ve been using other E4 services and software, chances are you’ve been accumulating valuable data about your fields in the E4 Data Bank. This data will help formulate your nutrient application prescriptions. The system can utilize regional data and estimated yield metrics to develop a prescription if you have no historical field data.

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Get the full picture of field fertility conditions with E4’s Fertility Rx software.