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Revolutionizing agriculture through information and technology.


Cause-and-effect relationships...
The Yield Analytics software module is designed to reveal complex interactions—how a specific seed hybrid performed on a certain soil type, planting date, population or fertility level.

Robust reporting...
Our reports show such things as yield interactions versus planting dates, population rates, soil types, soil test levels, and weather. Multi-year, head-to-head comparisons of hybrids/varieties can be generated. Maturity differences between products are also taken into account.

The E4 Yield Analytics software module, generally used in conjunction with E4's Yield Analytics service, is designed to give customers new management perspectives of complex agronomic relationships. Field maps and reports utilizing a plethora of data—yield history, soil types, seed performance, fertility issues, weather trends and more—illuminate for customers the limitations and opportunities of both current and revised field practices. The software is designed to make complex "what-if" scenario analysis simple and clear.

How it works:

If field parameters are not already in the system, customers configure them using the E4 Gateway module. If production history data is available, it too is normalized and uploaded to the system.
Customer supply other relevant metrics--soil and tissue sampling, hybrid/variety placement data, yields, chemical history, etc.
Customers adjust system variables to analyze hypothetical field management scenarios, and can generate various data maps and reports based on inputs.