Revolutionizing agriculture through information and technology.


Whether you've already adopted precision ag practices or are just getting started, E4 Crop Intelligence can help you establish best practices to optimize your operation. Our proprietary Crop Planning and Budgeting platform includes the following modules:


Profile your operation, establish spatial field boundaries, and manage the creation and permissions of other users.

Data Bank

Store and retrieve all your precision ag data in one safe, secure location.

Crop Planning and Budgeting

Plan and track crop activities and costs on a field-by-field basis.


Dispatch and manage activity providers; capture completed activity data in one easy-to-use interface.

Agronomic Testing

Organize, analyze and compare soil, tissue and grain testing data.

Fertility Rx

Formulate nutrient prescriptions to optimize yield and adhere to your budget.

Seed Rx

Seed selection and placement prescriptions based on the unique parameters of your fields.

E4 Field Notes

Efficiently create detailed and standardized crop inspection records—online, in the field


Average temperature and accumulated precipitation and growing degree day data from NOAA weather stations nearest to your fields.

Map Viewer

Transform detailed field data into easy-to-use, meaningful maps.