Revolutionizing agriculture through information and technology.


Free technology...
The Yield Analytics software module is made available to all customers of this service. Additional modules—Gateway, Weather, Map Viewer—also come free, and can be used for a variety of applications.

Robust reporting...
Our reports show such things as yield interactions versus planting dates, population rates, soil types, soil test levels, and weather. Multi-year, head-to-head comparisons of hybrids/varieties can be generated. Maturity differences between products are also taken into account.

The E4 Yield Analytics service helps growers analyze operations and identify issues and opportunities on a field-by-field basis. We consolidate prior year data—hybrid/variety performance, down corn, observed diseases and insects, fertility issues, etc.—and work with growers to makes sense of what cost-effective adjustments, managed through careful crop-planning, can lead to significant yield improvement.

How it works:

Available yield, fertility and genetics information is collected and captured in the Yield Analytics software module. If other pertinent information is available—e.g. soil sample data or field notes—it too is collected.
Sometimes information gaps are unavoidable, and in those cases E4 makes clear what impact those gaps will have on the analytical process.
Based on collected information, revenue projections are generated; E4 identifies the key factors driving those projections, and makes recommendations for specific areas of improvement.