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Your preferred brands...
E4 can make recommendations based on your preferred seed brands. We have hybrid and variety profile information for most brands, and can acquire the technical data from others.

Optimal positioning information...
Seed companies provide positioning information, but that information doesn't take into account the particulars of your fields (e.g. soil type), local conditions (e.g. average annual precipitation), and your particular management goals and restrictions. E4's prescriptions take all these factors into account.

E4 Crop Intelligence offers seed placement consultation on a per-acre basis. E4 has the resources to combine the seed performance data provided by seed companies with actual local and regional performance trends. This layering of data enables us to provide optimal, field-by-field seed positioning prescriptions.

The process is supported by the E4 Crop Intelligence Seed Rx software module, made available to customers at no additional charge.

How it works:

For existing customers, it's likely E4 already has field coordinates and historical production data—including yield history, fertility, rotation and soil types. For new customers, the first step is to obtain as much of this information as we reasonably can.
Key management factors such as yield goals and input budgets are identified.
Once all information has been collected, E4 reviews hybrid and variety performance data to generate field-by-field seed placement prescriptions.

Blanket or variable rate planting cards and maps can be generated.

Data is saved in the E4 Data Bank software module for future reference.