Revolutionizing agriculture through information and technology.


More than accounting...
E4's service combines financial and production data. We help growers see the relationships between inputs, yields, marketing, overhead and field profitability. Our system reveals trends that we can then analyze to plan for long-term, lasting improvements.

Long on experience...
E4 has been offering precision ag services for more than 15 years, and is now one of the biggest businesses of its kind in the Midwest. Farming operations of all sizes use our consulting services to collect, organize and analyze agronomic performance data.

Free technology...
The Crop Planning and Budgeting software module is made available to all customers of this service. Additional modules—Gateway, Weather, Map Viewer—also come free, and can be used for a variety of applications.

The E4 Planning and Budgeting service considers historical, current and projected costs, crop planning goals and operational budgets. This service generally complements other E4 services, but with added emphasis on financial tracking and performance.

Customers typically use E4's Crop Planning and Budgeting software module—free with the service—to create their crop plans and specify the activities they anticipate taking place over the course of the growing season—from soil sampling to fertilizer application, from seeding to tissue sampling, from harvest to transport, and everything in between.

How it works:

Typically, growers meet face-to-face with an E4 consultant twice per year, with additional meetings if needed. The first meeting focuses on operational configuration and planning. The second meeting focuses on exploring results and identifying areas of improvement. In-season adjustments to the crop plan are recorded and stored.
E4 provides input throughout the crop year on various agronomic considerations like fertilizer rates, chemical selection, and costs. Knowledge gained from soil or tissue sampling and field inspections is also taken into account.
Customers access reports and updates 24/7 via the E4 Crop Planning and Budgeting software module.