Revolutionizing agriculture through information and technology.


Free technology...
The Fertility Rx software module is made available to all customers of this service. Additional software modules—Gateway, Weather, Map Viewer—also come free, and can be used for a variety of applications.

Equipment recommendations...
E4 also has deep knowledge of application equipment and technology, and can advise on what combination best suits your needs.

Custom placement formula…
E4 uses placement algorithms that take into account not only variable soil types, but yield goals, fertilizer composition and prices. We can generate recommendations for fields or zones, blanket or variable-rate application.

Fine-tuning fertilizer placement can save money and improve yield. E4 Crop Intelligence offers fertilizer placement consultation on a per-acre basis. All major fertilizer considerations are taken into account—including yield history, rotation, production goals, nutrient inventory and soil type. Financial parameters like cost-per-acre budgets are factored in as well.

The process is supported by the E4 Crop Intelligence Fertility Rx software module, made available to customers at no additional charge.

How it works:

For existing customers, it's likely E4 already has field coordinates and historical production data. For new customers, the first step is obtaining this information.
Key management factors such as yield goals and input budgets are identified.
Once all information has been collected, E4 formulates its prescription and placement recommendations using proprietary algorithms.

Blanket and variable rate application cards and maps can be generated from the Fertility Rx software module.

Data is saved in the E4 Data Bank software module for future reference.