Revolutionizing agriculture through information and technology.


Strategic planning...
E4 will help make sure your equipment investments not only meet current needs, but serve you into the foreseeable future.

Full service...
We supply, install, and support all the precision ag equipment you need. We offer regularly scheduled equipment tune-ups services, and can provide replacement parts quickly if and when you need them.

The training you need...
We'll get you up to speed on using your on-board monitor, and teach you how to use the E4 Crop Intelligence software platform to generate monitor-ready data.

E4 has been supplying growers with precision ag equipment for over 15 years. We understand the latest features and capabilities, and can help you align the current and future needs of your operation with the best, most cost-effective technology. Our staff can provide training and troubleshooting support, including rapid parts replacement when time is of the essence.

The on-board field monitor is a particularly critical component of your precision ag infrastructure. It takes the field boundary data and variable rate instructions (for fertilizer or seeding) defined in the E4 Crop Intelligence software platform, and communicates with the spreader or planter to ensure that correct field prescriptions are applied. E4 can ensure proper setup of the monitor. We'll explain its more complicated options and, if necessary, we can send qualified technicians to a farm to configure the monitor in person.

How it works:

The service typically starts with an equipment assessment. We'll discuss the customer's short- and long-term needs, and the pros and cons of various equipment options (cost, compatibility, etc.)
E4 formulates its recommendations and discusses them with the customer.
Assuming we go forward, E4 supplies and installs new equipment, ensuring its compatibility with whatever equipment the customer already has.
E4 and the customer work together to produce the required data (field boundaries, seed or fertilizer prescriptions, etc.), with E4 providing any training that might be required along the way.
Problems? E4 services the equipment in provides. Straightforward questions can be answered over the phone; for more complex matters we'll send a qualified technician to the farm.