Revolutionizing agriculture through information and technology.


Employee management...
E4 can help you formulate job descriptions, identify employee skill gaps, and develop training and incentive programs. We can also help with employee-manager conflict resolution.

Information sharing...
Good relationships often depend on good information sharing. Whether it's a lender or a landlord, E4 can help consolidate and distill the information you need to make your communications most effective.

Today's farm operations require a multitude of management skills. Managing staff, providing lenders the information they want, coordinating with farm managers, maintaining landlord relationships, and even succession planning all require real expertise. E4 staff have considerable business management experience and have worked with many large and small operations. We can provide the additional expertise you need, directly or through our network of business consultants.

Areas of expertise include:

Human relations — employee development planning, employee discipline, rewards (bonus) planning
Lender relations — how to work with lenders to provide expected documentation
Farm business planning — strategic planning (to buy more farmland, expand livestock operation, etc.)
Cash-flow / Capital analysis — organization and analysis of operations from a cash-flow/capital comparison (benchmarking, major expansion, etc.)