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Robust comparison data...
E4 has access to regional data from other farmers who contribute to the shared data pool (all identities are kept confidential). We also make use of agronomic data available through public sources.

Fact-based evidence...
Benchmarking your operation can prove useful not only to identify improvement opportunities, but to justify major purchases with lenders, to rationalize rent proposals, to reinforce landlord-renter agreements, etc. Having hard, statistical facts to draw from can make the bargaining process much more straightforward for everyone involved.

Comparison can be a highly effective analytical tool. How does your operation compare to others of similar size and type? How do planned activity costs compare to actuals? What accounts for efficiencies realized in one field but not another? There are a lot of variables, so making apples-to-apples comparisons can be tricky. But with the help of E4's Benchmarking service, customers can see operational activity data dissected and logically arranged so that key differences are revealed.

Benchmarked data includes:

Planned versus actual field inputs (costs, quantities, etc.)
Equipment needs and costs
Product performance and costs
Land and rent (cost, value)
Hybrid/variety trends and performance