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KIM SPANGLER, ag consultant

Kim Spangler is a veteran crop consultant in north central Iowa. While he provides a range of services to his clientele, he has specific expertise in soil fertility and crop nutrient management. He recently started using the E4 Agronomic Testing module with selected clients.

Spangler hesitated to enter the precision ag software realm due to concerns that software and data maintenance would divert him from field and client activities. "I have known the E4 folks for decades and I like how they do business. That’s the only reason I sat down with them to review their platform," Spangler explains. He quickly saw how the Agronomic Testing module could help him with his clients.

"My time is best spent in my client’s fields and solving problems, not entering and managing data," he explains. After learning about the E4 module approach where he could start with basic soil sampling services where the resulting data was automatically uploaded and aligned with field boundaries, Spangler took the jump.

"I figured this was a great way to offer my clients soil sampling service at competitive prices, define field parameters and generate maps. Those clients who want additional services and module support—like tissue sampling or seed recommendations—can add them."

Instead of diverting time away from fields and clients, Spangler says the E4 approach is enabling him to have more time with clients and communicate more efficiently.

Kyle Schomers

"E4 is a company that really does care about your operation and wants to find ways to help you improve. They are a great asset to us."