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We offer precision ag products and services that help you use data to optimize your ROI. We have worked with precision equipment for almost 20 years, giving us the expertise and experience to help you find the right equipment for your operation. Precision agriculture technologies allow you to optimize the timing, amount, and placement of inputs for a given section of a field, helping you maximize your yield at the lowest possible cost.

Our equipment and technology can help you with:

GPS and Steering: Reduces costly overlaps and operator fatigue and helps extend operation windows
Downforce Control: Monitors and applies down force to maintain consistent seed depth and minimize compaction, improving the performance of high-speed planters
Application Control: Has the ability to automatically switch from flow-based control to pressure-based control in low-flow scenarios, minimizes overlap and allows you to optimize your inputs
Planter Section and Rate Control: Eliminates overplanting to save on seed inputs, while decreasing overpopulation in previously overlapped areas. Rate optimization is utilized to improve yield performance in your fields, rather than using static rates.
Hybrid and Variety Control: Ability to enhance your yields by controlling what hybrid or variety is planted in a specific part of your field


E4 Crop Intelligence has been in the precision equipment business since 2001, offering sales, support and installation. Whichever company or product you’re using, we can help you find results.

When you need precision ag support in the field, we will be there to help. We have competed over 250 installs and serviced over 400 systems, impacting more than $25 million worth of equipment. Our status as an independent company means our recommendations are based solely on what is best for your field.