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E4 Crop Intelligence is continuously adapting, growing and innovating to help our clients optimize their yields. Learn about the latest company developments and events here, and find exclusive crop insight to give you an advantage in the field.

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Recent News

E4 Crop Intelligence Introduces Tongue-2-Tail Advantage Planter Inspection Service

Woodbine, IA (February 18, 2020) – E4 Crop Intelligence, an industry-leading precision ag company, is proud to announce that customers can take advantage of their new Tongue-2-Tail Advantage planter equipment inspection service. Tongue-2-Tail Advantage includes a complete examination of any model or brand of planter, safeguarding a grower’s investment. E4 is offering this comprehensive service at only $100 per row.

E4 Crop Intelligence Reveals Initial Results of Soybean Population Study

Woodbine, IA (November 27, 2019) – At the beginning of spring, the E4 Crop Intelligence team set out to conduct a soybean population study for the 2019 growing season. This study evaluates soybean yields from what has been a year of extreme weather for most growers across the U.S. As harvest drew closer, the E4 team ventured out into their soybean test plots to begin assessing how well each population developed.

E4 Crop Intelligence & AgriSync: Ready To Help You This Harvest Season

Woodbine, IA (October 9, 2019) – Fall is finally upon us, growers across the country are getting prepared for harvest season; some already getting a count on their crop yields. The E4 Crop Intelligence team is also getting ready to help support growers in the field in more ways than one. In an effort to stay better connected to their clients and to help reduce downtime for operations, E4 now offers an essential communication tool provided by AgriSync.

E4 Soil Sampling Conducted In Emerging New York Commercial Hemp Industry

WOODBINE, IA (September 30, 2019) – Spurred by the industrial hemp provisions in the 2018 Farm Bill, farmers and producers in the state of New York have been developing a vested interest in growing the high-value crop. E4 Crop Intelligence, an Iowa-based precision ag firm, traveled to upstate New York to conduct soil sampling for industrial hemp producer, Functional Remedies. The expert team of E4 crop consultants worked with the client to evaluate field conditions, some of which may be prime location for growing hemp.

Measure What’s Underground at Aug. 15 Soil Workshop

Measure what’s underground, Thurs., Aug. 15, when E4 Crop Intelligence and Trace Genomics host Soil At Work. The free, two-hour workshop and luncheon in Woodbine covers the importance of soil microbiology to successful crop management and introduces ground-breaking technology that provides actionable, in-depth soil biology data. Attendees earn 0.5 Continuing Education Units in Soil and Water Management.

E4 Crop Intelligence is hosting a Soil At Work Session with TraceGenomics!

We are excited to host ​Trace Genomics​’ Soil At Work Session on Thursday, August 15 at our office from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM CST. Trace Genomics is helping growers and their agronomists to measure and analyze their soil to maximize the value of every acre.

New Opportunities for E4 Crop Intelligence Consulting with Industrial Hemp Growers

Woodbine, IA (May 17, 2019) - E4 Crop Intelligence continues to expand its presence throughout the United States, as its soil sampling expertise is sought after by growers of a wide range of different crops. E4’s crop consultants recently provided extensive soil sampling in Pueblo, Colorado at the company-owned industrial hemp farm of Functional Remedies, the premier vertically-integrated hemp oil manufacturer.

E4 Crop Intelligence President Receives 20-Year CCA Service Award

Woodbine, IA (March 6, 2019) - Founder and President of E4 Crop Intelligence, Greg Reisz, received a 20-year service award by the Iowa Certified Crop Advisers (CCA) board of directors in early February. Reisz was one of over a hundred individuals recognized for their commitment, professionalism, use of best industry practices, and unwavering years of service to agriculture as CCA’s.

E4 Crop Intelligence Celebrates 20 Years in Business

Woodbine Iowa (February 1, 2019) - E4 Crop Intelligence, an industry-leading precision ag company, is celebrating 20 years since its establishment in 1999. This anniversary marks just how much this company has evolved in the ever-changing landscape of precision agriculture. E4 continues to make a commitment of innovation in the pursuit of helping growers thrive.

E4 Hires New Precision Agronomy Technician

E4 is excited to announce that Joe Graf has joined the team as a precision agronomy technician. You may remember Joe, as he interned for E4 in 2016 and 2018, which makes bringing him onboard full-time a very easy transition!

E4 Makes National Impact With Soil Sampling and Testing

E4 Crop Intelligence’ effective soil sampling and testing service is gaining interest across the United States, as the Woodbine, Iowa-based company continues to expand its coverage.

E4 Crop Intelligence Solidifies Consulting Expertise

E4 Crop Intelligence continues to expand its agronomy consulting knowledge and experience, with another employee receiving the Certified Crop Adviser (CCA) status.

E4 Insights

The Importance of No-Till Farming: Improving Long-Term Field Health

While the practice of no-till has been around for a long time, there continues to be a growing interest among farmers looking to switch from conventional tillage to no-till. From an agronomy standpoint, this type of conservational practice plays a vital role in keeping your field, and soil, healthy in the long run. It’s a very low impact method of growing crops, with little disturbance to the ground and its organic matter. On top of that, there are well-documented economic benefits with this practice. E4 Crop Intelligence has decades of experience working with farmers to get the most out of their no-till operation. The team has put together insight into the importance of no-till and considerations when switching to this practice.

20 Years of Soil Sample Data

It is incredible how time flies, and that is very evident after we collected, assembled, and plotted out 20 years of soil sample data. These data sets allow our team to analyze a wide variety of different trends that date back to the beginning of E4 Crop Intelligence. The information was gleaned from over 1.5 million acres of E4 soil tests, and over 1 million acres of yield data collected by our team over the years.

5 Tips To Help Prepare Your Operation For Spring

The 2020 planting season will be here before you know it. Making sure your operation is ready for the spring ahead is a big priority during the off-season. The official first day of spring begins on March 19th this year. To provide some ideas on preparations growers can take before heading out to the field, the E4 team has put together five tips to help prepare you for the new season. 

Benefits of Planter Meters Calibration

Many things in life are best not left up to chance, and planting meters are one of them. By taking the time in the off-season to make sure your meters are calibrated correctly, you save time and money with not having to deal with the lackluster crop results caused by poor meters. That's why it is essential to take your meters in and get them calibrated by professionals – such as E4 Crop Intelligence. The benefits greatly outweigh the risks associated with not maintaining the equipment. We've highlighted a few key benefits of why you should get your meters calibrated.

E4 Tech Enhances Farm Management & Crop Consulting

Having the right information and data is paramount in making the best decisions possible. For growers, that notion still rings true today. The E4 team strives to provide clients with the best information available to ensure they have the best options at their disposal. We do this by offering the use of our proprietary Farm Management software platform right now and implementing other technology such as the AgriSync mobile application. Both enhance decision-making and crop consulting. So, what are these two technology platforms exactly?

E4’s Individualized Crop Insurance Adds A Renewed Sense of Ease

The 2019 growing season created headaches for farmers across the country, with the wet weather hampering both planting and harvesting. Taking this year’s inclement weather into account, it’s a great idea to have insurance for mitigating yield and price risks. One of the expert services we offer is individualized crop insurance plans for growers. This can be integrated with other E4 services and bring you peace of mind when the unthinkable happens.

Review Your Planter’s Performance

As the planting season is wrapping up and plants are beginning to emerge, now is a great time to review how your planter performed this season while it is still fresh in your mind.  If you had any issues with furrow closing, seed depth, skips or doubles, population, etc., let the E4 team know so we can help!

New Enhanced E4 Crop Intelligence Support!

As spring quickly approaches, growers and the E4 Team are beginning to prepare for one of the most important times of the year. With that being said, E4 has teamed up with AgriSync to add efficiency and reduce downtime for your operation.

E4 Gives Growers an Edge on Precision Equipment

It is amazing how precision ag equipment continues to evolve and enhance yield performance. We know growers are faced with many different precision equipment options and knowing how to get the best results out each tool can be daunting. During the last 20 years, we’ve seen it all.

E4 Celebrating 20 Years of Business and Looking Toward the Future

2019 marks 20 years since E4 Crop Intelligence was formed. I find it incredible how much has changed in two decades of precision agriculture! Being in this business for 20 years allows our clients the ability to utilize those years of professional experience to their advantage. Everyday our company continues to evolve to meet the demands of growers across the United States.

Who's In Your Inner Circle?

In agriculture today, most decisions are likely to impact the bottom line in some way. A lot of those choices can seem confusing, including fertilizers and rates, information and data organization, yield planning, budgets, grain marketing, and the available technology itself — just to name a few!

Five Quick Tips for Harvest

As harvest comes into full swing, the E4 Crop Intelligence team has put together a few simple reminders to think over.