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E4 Crop Intelligence is continuously adapting, growing and innovating to help our clients optimize their yields. Learn about the latest company developments and events here, and find exclusive crop insight to give you an advantage in the field.

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Greg’s Intel: What Soil Sampling Is and How It Can Inform Nutrient Management Decisions

As fall is fast approaching, our team is getting ready to tackle the upcoming soil sampling season. Collecting and analyzing samples from the soil plays an important role in helping growers reach their optimal yields. While there are many yield-affecting external factors–such as rainfall–that are primarily out of our control, the nutrient levels in your soil can be managed. For this reason, we will discuss what soil sampling is, how it plays a part in nutrient management decisions, and explore E4’s grower-dedicated sampling process.

Common Mid-Season Soybean Diseases and How to Identify Them

We are already halfway through the growing season, and while no single soybean field is going to be at the same developmental stage at the same time, farmers can take steps to ensure that their investment is growing healthy.

E4 Crop Intelligence Offers Summer Specials On Select Precision Ag Services

E4 Crop Intelligence is offering a new summer special for select precision ag services that customers can take advantage of. This includes the company’s new Tongue-2-Tail Advantage planter equipment inspection service and their planter meters calibration service.

Post-Emergence Crop Inspection: Helping You Plan Ahead

When your crops begin to emerge, set aside some time to head back out to the fields and evaluate the crop stands and inspect their condition. Between when the seeds are planted to when they emerge, there's a long list of factors that affect the germination and emergence of planted crops. Being able to quickly identify any potential issues in the field and determine the causes, whether it's due to the planter or environmental conditions, allows you to take action in the current growing season or the following spring. To assist you in navigating what to look for out in the field, the E4 Team will discuss some of the steps involved in evaluating corn and soybean stands.

Taking Field Notes During Planting: How Planting Evaluations Can Identify Issues, Prevent Problems

When field and weather conditions are just right, it can be very tempting to load up the planter with seed, get in the tractor, and plant straight through the acres. However, setting aside a few minutes to take some field notes can save you both time and money for current and future growing seasons. Planter performance and weed identification are among the key areas that growers should pay particular attention to, and that is what the E4 Crop Intelligence experts are going to cover in this article.

20 Years of Field Data Video Series - Part 1

The agronomic experts at E4 Crop Intelligence have compiled data from 20 years and over 1 million acres of E4 soil samples. With such large, stable data sets, the company can better serve its customers when making decisions regarding their field needs. This in-depth video series highlights two decades of trends in everything from pH, Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K), and much more! Join us in ‘Part 1’ to explore the shifts in field pH and how the experts utilize this data.

E4 Crop Intelligence Introduces Tongue-2-Tail Advantage Planter Inspection Service

Woodbine, IA (February 18, 2020) – E4 Crop Intelligence, an industry-leading precision ag company, is proud to announce that customers can take advantage of their new Tongue-2-Tail Advantage planter equipment inspection service. Tongue-2-Tail Advantage includes a complete examination of any model or brand of planter, safeguarding a grower’s investment. E4 is offering this comprehensive service at only $100 per row.

E4 Insights

2020 E4 Independent-Localized Research Trials

The 2020 planting season is well underway, and many producers are close to being done. At E4 Crop Intelligence, we realize that producers are continuously innovating and finding ways to optimize their own operations. That is why at E4, we are continuing to help with our independent-localized research trial plots.

The Importance of No-Till Farming: Improving Long-Term Field Health

While the practice of no-till has been around for a long time, there continues to be a growing interest among farmers looking to switch from conventional tillage to no-till. From an agronomy standpoint, this type of conservational practice plays a vital role in keeping your field, and soil, healthy in the long run. It’s a very low impact method of growing crops, with little disturbance to the ground and its organic matter. On top of that, there are well-documented economic benefits with this practice. E4 Crop Intelligence has decades of experience working with farmers to get the most out of their no-till operation. The team has put together insight into the importance of no-till and considerations when switching to this practice.

20 Years of Soil Sample Data

It is incredible how time flies, and that is very evident after we collected, assembled, and plotted out 20 years of soil sample data. These data sets allow our team to analyze a wide variety of different trends that date back to the beginning of E4 Crop Intelligence. The information was gleaned from over 1.5 million acres of E4 soil tests, and over 1 million acres of yield data collected by our team over the years.

5 Tips To Help Prepare Your Operation For Spring

The 2020 planting season will be here before you know it. Making sure your operation is ready for the spring ahead is a big priority during the off-season. The official first day of spring begins on March 19th this year. To provide some ideas on preparations growers can take before heading out to the field, the E4 team has put together five tips to help prepare you for the new season. 

Benefits of Planter Meters Calibration

Many things in life are best not left up to chance, and planting meters are one of them. By taking the time in the off-season to make sure your meters are calibrated correctly, you save time and money with not having to deal with the lackluster crop results caused by poor meters. That's why it is essential to take your meters in and get them calibrated by professionals – such as E4 Crop Intelligence. The benefits greatly outweigh the risks associated with not maintaining the equipment. We've highlighted a few key benefits of why you should get your meters calibrated.

E4 Tech Enhances Farm Management & Crop Consulting

Having the right information and data is paramount in making the best decisions possible. For growers, that notion still rings true today. The E4 team strives to provide clients with the best information available to ensure they have the best options at their disposal. We do this by offering the use of our proprietary Farm Management software platform right now and implementing other technology such as the AgriSync mobile application. Both enhance decision-making and crop consulting. So, what are these two technology platforms exactly?