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E4 Crop Intelligence is continuously adapting, growing and innovating to help its clients optimize their yields. Learn about the latest company developments and events here, and find exclusive crop insight to give you an advantage in the field.

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Recent News

New E4 Employee – Joe Graf

E4 is excited to announce that Joe Graf has joined the team as a precision agronomy technician. You may remember Joe, as he interned for E4 in 2016 and 2018, which makes bringing him onboard full-time a very easy transition!

E4 Makes National Impact With Soil Sampling and Testing

E4 Crop Intelligence’ effective soil sampling and testing service is gaining interest across the United States, as the Woodbine, Iowa-based company continues to expand its coverage.

E4 Crop Intelligence Solidifies Consulting Expertise

E4 Crop Intelligence continues to expand its agronomy consulting knowledge and experience, with another employee receiving the Certified Crop Adviser (CCA) status.

E4 Brings Testing Service To Customers Across the U.S.

With corn tasseling and the growing season well underway, more farming operations nationwide are turning to E4 Crop Intelligence for its sampling and testing service, which extends to soil, plant tissue and grain.

E4 Crop Intelligence and AgriSecure Collaboration

For the past 4 years Kyle Andersen has been a Sales Agronomist at E4 Crop Intelligence. Recently Kyle accepted the position of Client Services Manager with AgriSecure, an organic crop production management company.

Farmers Rely on E4 for Field Insights and Improved Yields

As planting season gets underway, farmers across the country are entrusting E4 Crop Intelligence for insights and recommendations to aid in the growing process. The Woodbine, Iowa-based company offers industry-leading software, soil testing services and more to help growers monitor their fields and optimize yields.

E4 Insights

E4 Gives Growers an Edge on Precision Equipment

It is amazing how precision ag equipment continues to evolve and enhance yield performance. We know growers are faced with many different precision equipment options and knowing how to get the best results out each tool can be daunting. During the last 20 years, we’ve seen it all.

E4 Celebrating 20 Years of Business and Looking Toward the Future

2019 marks 20 years since E4 Crop Intelligence was formed. I find it incredible how much has changed in two decades of precision agriculture! Being in this business for 20 years allows our clients the ability to utilize those years of professional experience to their advantage. Everyday our company continues to evolve to meet the demands of growers across the United States.

Who’s In Your Inner Circle?

In agriculture today, most decisions are likely to impact the bottom line in some way. A lot of those choices can seem confusing, including fertilizers and rates, information and data organization, yield planning, budgets, grain marketing, and the available technology itself — just to name a few!

Five Quick Tips for Harvest

As harvest comes into full swing, the E4 Crop Intelligence team has put together a few simple reminders to think over.

Planter Downforce… Is Yours Correct?

How much row unit downforce does your planter need? How variable are your fields? Do downforce needs stay the same throughout an entire field? Are they the same across the planter? Why is proper downforce important?

Considerations for Aerial Fungicide Applications

The old saying about corn being “knee high by the 4th of July” does not seem to apply as much anymore, since here in the Midwest we are nearly at full tassel by the 4th, or very soon after. As plants near the tassel-stage, it is important to consider late-season stresses to the crop and ways to protect yield potential.

Planting 2018 Tips

As spring temperatures begin to rise, many growers are anxious to start planting. While planting early may have some benefits, it is important to be cautious and not plant too soon. It is best to plant based on soil temperature and field conditions in your area, rather than the calendar date.

Upcoming Events

Date Event Location  
January 29-31 2019 Iowa Power Farming Show Des Moines, IA Website
February 27-28, 2019 Triumph of Ag Show Omaha, NE Website