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Iowa-Based Precision Ag and Crop Consulting

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The number of agronomic and economic data categories supported by the E4 Crop Intelligence platform on a field-by-field basis is enormous.

U.S. agriculture has entered the “big data” age — and E4 Crop Intelligence is here to help your operation make the most of it. Growers are now able to collect large volumes of data, but farmers, retailers and farm managers are faced with the challenge turning this data into action information.

E4’s expert staff and innovative software bring you the tools and expertise you need to optimize yields in your field. We’ll use your data (from soil tests, field scouting and other methods) to formulate customized crop plans. With our consultants’ reliable advice and our easy-to-use software, you’ll be able to get the most out of your field and crop data, and we’ll be there to help every step of the way.

E4’s Crop Consulting Process

E4 creates custom crop plans using a data structure based on the digital coordinates of individual fields. We deliver “crop intelligence” to our customers using three distinct steps:

As the volume of data builds, growers (and their consultants and vendors who have system access) start to recognize the underlying reasons for variations in crop performance. The E4 system makes it easier to recognize patterns that can then be used to guide farm management decisions. We call this ability to recognize the underlying issues and anticipate ways to capitalize on those insights "crop intelligence."

Intellegence Pyramid

Yield drivers, what actions make sense, what issues can we anticipate and avoid, etc.

Yield patterns, fertility patterns, pests, etc.

Soil type, fertility, crop history, yield, seed placement, etc.