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2020 E4 Independent-Localized Research Trials


The 2020 planting season is well underway, and many producers are close to being done. At E4 Crop Intelligence, we realize that producers are continuously innovating and finding ways to optimize their own operations. That is why at E4, we are continuing to help with our independent-localized research trial plots.

We are often asked questions about planter performance. How much down pressure should I be applying? What closing wheel setting is optimal for closing the furrow? Do I need to be planting deeper into moisture? Planter setups may vary within every operation, but these are some common points we can focus on with our 2020 independent localized research trial plots.

Correct planter performance allows us to start with a solid base each growing season, but what about the factors that affect plant growth and health throughout the growing season? When is the best time to plant? How do I know if soil conditions are optimal? At what rates should I be applying my starter? Do biologicals show a return on investment?

All these questions deserve answers, and as we continue into the 2020 growing season, we will dive into them deeper. We will post updates on the trials throughout the growing season and into the fall as we learn more. Be on the lookout for the latest video post as the E4 team discusses growing conditions and results! If there are any trials you have questions about or would like to see, make sure to let us know!

We hope you all have a great year!