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New Enhanced E4 Crop Intelligence Support!

As spring quickly approaches, growers and the E4 Team are beginning to prepare for one of the most important times of the year. With that being said, E4 has teamed up with AgriSync to add efficiency and reduce downtime for your operation.

What is AgriSync? AgriSync is a mobile app that the E4 Team will be implementing to assist growers with in-field support. The app enables a grower to directly call a support line that connects them with the entire E4 Team simultaneously, instead of contacting one individual team member directly. Ultimately, this results in quicker response and reduces the grower’s downtime.

By using the support line, an E4 Team member and grower can call, text, or video chat with each other live, in the cab or in the field, to help resolve issues more efficiently than ever. This service is free to the grower and is an added value to any operation. Here’s how to get the E4 Support line onto your phone’s contact list: