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E4’s Individualized Crop Insurance Adds A Renewed Sense of Ease


The 2019 growing season created headaches for farmers across the country, with the wet weather hampering both planting and harvesting. Taking this year’s inclement weather into account, it’s a great idea to have insurance for mitigating yield and price risks. One of the expert services we offer is individualized crop insurance plans for growers. This can be integrated with other E4 services and bring you peace of mind when the unthinkable happens.

Our insurance methodology involves using software that analyzes different scenarios and client-provided input costs to determine what plan will fit their needs. We view crop insurance as an integral tool that helps you mitigate risks, and it’s a firm belief of ours that farmers need to understand what plan they are purchasing and the reasons behind why they’re buying it.

There are added benefits to our crop insurance for clients who are utilizing other E4 services. If we already have you in our system, you would only need to provide the 578 forms one time – unless more land is added – and we would combine that information with your data here at E4. Since we also report acreage based on RTK acres and verify that data through FSA acres, you could have lower insurance premiums.

For E4 crop insurance clients that are signed up for our field scouting services benefit from the perk of having E4 experts in their fields evaluating their crop’s condition. One of our clients witnessed the integration of these two services when an E4 crop scout reported hail damage in the client’s field. Because the grower had their crop insurance through us, the agent could easily calculate the damaged acres and submit the claim on behalf of the grower. Once the grower signed off on the claim, he received a check for the damages. This experience demonstrates how our insurance and other services work together to provide you with a sense of ease.