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Who’s In Your Inner Circle?

by Greg Reisz, E4 President and Owner

In agriculture today, most decisions are likely to impact the bottom line in some way. A lot of those choices can seem confusing, including fertilizers and rates, information and data organization, yield planning, budgets, grain marketing, and the available technology itself — just to name a few!

The people who occupy the most of your time have a huge impact on your life. Their influence can affect everything from your personal life to your business operation. Quite often, the success of your operation may be determined by who is in your inner circle.

I am reminded of a Jim Rohn-inspired quote my dad used to say, “Tell me about the majority of the people you spend time with, and I will tell you who you are.”

This same philosophy can be translated into your ag operation. Just as your accountant, banker or tax advisor can be part of your inner circle, so too is your independent crop advisor. Unlike someone who is trying to sell you inputs, your independent crop advisor will find the right tools that will best help you over your entire operation — regardless of what name may appear on the label.

Today’s world of ag is ever changing. E4 Crop Intelligence is one of the few ag businesses in the area that can proclaim itself an “independent,” since we don’t sell any inputs. We got out of the seed business years ago for this very reason. Being independent allows us to better collaborate with our clients and evaluate their intel (data) in real time, and make fact-based decisions in the best interest of their operations.

Who’s in your inner circle?