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5 Tips for a Successful Harvest

As harvest comes into full swing, the E4 Crop Intelligence team has put together a few simple reminders to think over.

1. Maintenance is Key
Routine maintenance is key to a fast and efficient harvest season. Most equipment has already been through the shop, but make sure to double-check simple things such as tire pressures, oil levels, and correct settings on equipment before pulling into the field to start the harvest season.

2. Ensure Dependable Data
Just as your machinery needs routine maintenance, so does your data. For proper data management throughout the growing season, make sure all farms and fields are properly entered in the monitor. At E4, we will wipe old preexisting data, set up proper farm and field structure, and if possible, verify variety tracking. This aids in making quick and effective decisions at the end of the 2018 growing season and as we enter the 2019 season.

3. Check Crop Quality
Check over the quality of your crop and standability. Adjust harvest field order to allow the best use of time and avoid as much harvest loss as possible. Check for areas of high disease infection, poor stalk integrity, or probability to ear loss and move ahead in harvest order.

4. Take Field Notes
Record observations while working this fall. Check for weeds that seem to have survived the summer, so we can properly plan ahead for the next year’s herbicide program. Look for areas of high stress on plants, whether from nutrient deficiencies, weather impacts, or disease pressures. With these noted, we can help you mitigate stress with our seed selection and placement prescriptions. Information gathered can aid the yield analytics process this fall/winter and overall help us optimize your bottom line.

5. Caution Before Quickness
Lastly, but most importantly, make sure to be aware of your surroundings. Never turn on equipment without checking that all bodies are clear. During the hurry of the season it can be easy to avoid anything that adds on time, but in many cases accidents or breakdowns due to haste can add on time as well. Stay hydrated and keep bodily energy up as best as possible.

Have a safe fall and we look forward to seeing you all soon!