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E4 Brings Testing Service To Customers Across the U.S.

With corn tasseling and the growing season well underway, more farming operations nationwide are turning to E4 Crop Intelligence for its sampling and testing service, which extends to soil, plant tissue and grain. Growers across the United States—from North Dakota to Texas, and Florida to Washington state—count on the Woodbine, Iowa-based company for insight on their fields and crops.

Offering a range of testing services allows E4 to track the transfer of nutrients throughout the season, which can be analyzed to adjust fertilizer, seed and crop plans the next growing season. The company’s technicians strategically collect samples using GPS technology and work with several approved labs to bring growers data from their fields. Along with the locations of E4 Crop Intelligence customers, the crops the company services vary—although corn and soybeans make up a large portion.

E4 Crop Intelligence’ testing services work alongside its proprietary software, which allows growers to request tests and view results from any connected device. In the case of soil testing, the data gleaned from the lab is fed into E4’s software, automatically generating maps and prescriptions based upon the customer’s needs.

“We are proud to provide our sampling and testing services to customers across the country,” said Greg Reisz, president and owner of E4 Crop Intelligence. “Our staff has years of experience in this area, and we are able to combine this expertise with each grower’s unique testing data to help them maximize their yield.”

Those interested in using E4’s soil, plant tissue or grain testing services can connect with the company online by visiting e4cropintelligence.com, or by calling 712-647-2666.