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20 Years of Soil Sample Data


It is incredible how time flies, and that is very evident after we collected, assembled, and plotted out 20 years of soil sample data. These data sets allow our team to analyze a wide variety of different trends that date back to the beginning of E4 Crop Intelligence. The information was gleaned from over 1.5 million acres of E4 soil tests, and over 1 million acres of yield data collected by our team over the years. Even though data-gathering technology has shifted throughout the decades, our team’s dedicated documentation has created more stability in our recommendations.

Providing More Value to Growers

Now equipped with these very detailed and comprehensive data sets, we are in an even stronger position to serve you, the customer. By utilizing a stable set of figures from two decades of soil tests, recommendations, harvest data, and planting data, our expert team at E4 is better equipped to enhance a grower’s ROI.

Soil samples for this project were sent to and analyzed in part by our long-standing partners at Midwest Labs in Omaha, Nebraska. We look forward to crunching more numbers and building upon these data sets for years to come.