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E4 Tech Enhances Farm Management & Crop Consulting


Having the right information and data is paramount in making the best decisions possible. For growers, that notion still rings true today. The E4 team strives to provide clients with the best information available to ensure they have the best options at their disposal. We do this by offering the use of our proprietary Farm Management software platform right now and implementing other technology such as the AgriSync mobile application. Both enhance decision-making and crop consulting. So, what are these two technology platforms exactly?

E4 Farm Management Software

With our robust Farm Management Software, growers can efficiently manage their operations. To accomplish that, the software incorporates a wide range of tools. By being able to upload their operation information (raw data, historical data, budgets, scale tickets, etc.), growers can generate customized crop plans, share field notes, and other reports.


AgriSync is a very convenient and useful mobile application that provides growers with real-time in-field support in a way that reduces downtime. This app allows clients a direct line of communication to E4 team members via call, text, or video chat. So, if a grower is in the field or on the go, the free AgriSync app acts as a great tool to resolve issues quickly. More information on how to download the app can be found here.

For more information on either the E4 Farm Management Software or AgriSync, call 712-647-2666.