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E4 Celebrating 20 Years of Business and Looking Toward the Future

2019 marks 20 years since E4 Crop Intelligence was formed. I find it incredible how much has changed in two decades of precision agriculture! Being in this business for 20 years allows our clients the ability to utilize those years of professional experience to their advantage. Everyday our company continues to evolve to meet the demands of growers across the United States. Looking back, I can trace our success to five key elements: years of professional experience, truly independent ag advice, specialized soil and plant tissue testing, building trusted relationships with our clients, and the fact that we continually focus on enhancing ROI for our clients.

E4 prides itself on the fact that we are independently owned and do not sell any inputs. This allows us to offer truly unbiased advisement to our clients. We stopped selling seed several years ago for this very reason. Being independent allows for a more free and open collaboration with our clients, making more fact-based decisions that are in the best interest of our client’s operations.

Our soil and plant tissue testing brings value to growers by helping them see what’s working and what’s not, providing the opportunity to arrive at conclusions based on lab data and analysis.  Essentially, emotions take a back seat in the decision-making process.

Here at E4 we are emboldened by the fact that we have built strong, trusting relationships with clients across the nation over the past two decades. We make sure that the pressure is taken out of the decision-making process so that our clients can rest assured that our guidance is in their best interest, not based on input sales.

Return on investment is a huge focus. E4 makes sure its clients get the most accurate information, so the decisions made produce optimum ROI. Implementing the key pillars of agronomy are key, including: soil testing and nutrient management, data management services, fertility and seeding prescriptions, precision equipment implementation, and crop insurance.

Even though we celebrate our past, we must also look toward the future. In the near future we will be introducing new agronomic technologies and services like artificial intelligence (AI). Along with the human component, AI will allow E4 to more accurately quantify the data points in the fields. We are also pursuing new land management services so that we will be able to help clients manage every acre more effectively. Also on the horizon, agronomic analysis will be enhanced as different sources of technology become more readily available.