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Precision agricultural services and software often fail to deliver simply because they become too difficult and cumbersome. Sometimes it is hardware and software incompatibility. But the most frustrating is when you simply don’t understand how the system works.

While the E4 module design approach simplifies the learning curve, proper platform setup, education and practice is important. That’s why E4 has committed to the E4 University approach.

The typical approach after licensing a software module is a basic “fast-start” session with your account representative or another E4 trainer. This usually involves setting up fields and permissions, showing you how navigation works and explaining basic system capabilities. Then, you’re left to explore.

New users are then encouraged to go through the E4U How-To Videos. Users can access these only through the software website. These videos are designed to explain how the modules work conceptually and then provide –step-by-step procedures for common tasks.

In addition, users can participate in educational seminars.

Of course, should something stump you, an E4 Representative is a phone call away. Because the E4 platform is web-based, the E4 Rep can sign into your account and walk you through step-by-step. Don’t worry, we won’t send your request for help to some call center in India.